About the Book

This hard cover book was published in December, 2007 by Jostens at their Winston-Salem, NC press. As the fourteenth largest commercial publisher in the US, you may recognize the Jostens name for their excellence in publishing history books, yearbooks, graduation products, and class rings.

It is a large book (8.5”x 11”), weighing in at almost 5 pounds, and is 656 pages long. Each page is printed in black and white on 60 lb. white opaque paper stock to prevent fading and bleeding over time. The book is perfect bound (stitching that holds the pages together), unlike books that are bound with glue or bulky coil binders. The cover is made of Fabrikoid in a rich cranberry color. It also features gold foil lettering on the cover and spine for a regal appearance on any bookshelf or coffee table. I wanted something strong and durable, so that it could be passed down for many generations.

The book is in an easy-to-read format without all of those complicated numerals and letters found in some genealogy software. Each person listed is given a number as a child under their family biography. In the next generation (assuming info is available), that person's number will appear along the left margin with their children listed underneath. If you'd like to share information about the book with other family members, you may download a brochure (which includes an order form) here.

It is also registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and the Library of Congress in Washington, DC as an original work of authorship. Under Title 17 of the U.S. Code, it is protected from being copied without permission from the author. The ISBN number is still pending, and the book will be available on Amazon once that number is issued.